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Date: 13th May 2016
Box Type Ultrafilter
UF hollow fiber water filter/family house using UF membrane water purifier / Favorites Compare home use water filter systemWorks function:Household Energy drinking water filterCixi Qin Lan Environmental Protection Equipment Technology co., LTD provides Water Purifier for millions Chinese families since 2010,Website:, and become the leading factory in water purifying industry in China. Our water purifier can completely remove the bacteria, virus, colloid, rust, microorganism and other impurities from the tap water. Purified water is drinkable.The key specificationsStyle?QL-UF607Use:?Household/familyWater source:?Tap waterOutflow rate:42L/hPermitted Environment Temperature?4-40?Suitable Source Water Pressure?0.1-0.4MPAWashing Method?automaticCollocation Method?Five stagesHousing Material:?Food grade PPProduct Size? 415*100*355 mmColor: Black/red/white/sliver/goldFiltering collocation: PP cartridge, granular activated carbon, granular active carbon, UF membrane, post carbon filter1st Stage --- PP sediment filter, 5 micron, it can remove the particles, sands, and other impurities.2nd Stage --- Granular activated carbon filter, GAC/UDF, it can adsorb the chlorine in the tap water, also remove the odor, smell, and bad taste.3rd Stage --- CTO cartridge, it can further adsorb more tiny organic substance, odor and bad taste.4th Stage --- UF membrane, 0.01 micron, it can remove the bacterium and substance.?5th Stage --- T33 Post carbon filter, it can improve the water taste.Packaging & ShippingPackaging detail:1. ?Separate packing box, individually packed2. ?Strong parts boxShipping: Within 35 working days (depend on order QTY). If you have a freight forwarding company, please let us known.?Product PictureOur ServicesOur company Competitive Advantage:1) ?The real manufacturer which can offer you both the most competitive price and top quality goods2) Make designs & logos according to the customers' special requirements.3) OEM/ODM is welcomed4) Fast shipping and safety way,5) Professional after sales service. Water filter purifier is guaranteed for one year, except consumable material, such as water cartridges. Compressor and thermostat is guaranteed for three years. The damaged widgets are trade new good for old.If you have any questions or meet any problems, just contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible (in 24 hours).?Installation Note1. Do not install under sunlight;3. The product can not filter hot water, please do not connect to water heater.4. Before use it, installation of the product should be fixed to prevent product turn down;5. If the tap water pressure is higher than 0.4Mpa, please install the pressure limiting valve before the product;6. Do not arbitrarily remove the parts on the product, to prevent leakage and damage to the machine;7. PE pipe and fittings should installed in place;8. Water tee, no seals should be wrapped with raw materials, there is a ring of raw materials can not be wrapped around the band;9. After the installation is completed, you should turn on the water and gooseneck faucet, after 5 minutes, close gooseneck faucet, and check there leaks;10. Pure water end and wastewater end can not be inversely connected.